This page is what most of you want to visit. It’s also the most difficult page to present, because without having an opportunity to describe each clients unique personality, market position, budget, time frame, committee dynamics, branding elements, personal involvement, results, etc., all we can do is show you a few words and pictures that you might, or might not “like.”

It’s also difficult to select only a few of the many thousands of logos, ads, brochures, catalogs, web sites, mailers, exhibit graphics, campaigns, etc. that we’ve contributed to since 1983 (please accept my apology if you’re a current client visiting this site and you don’t see any of the projects we’ve created together – it doesn’t mean we don’t love you).

Finally, what’s perhaps most difficult is knowing you’re going to form an opinion about the DNA style when, in fact, what’s very important to us is not have our own style. We think it’s much more important to capture and present each of our unique clients styles: frugal and commodity position; friendly and middle of the pack position; fine and quite exclusive position. We think that in addition to our unmatched commitment to service, what also makes DNA unique is that we don’t try to find clients that fit our style (which, remember, we don’t have), but rather we help our many different clients, who have many different styles, present themselves accurately, and in a supportable manner. In other words, we focus on Connecting You To Customers.

Okay – enough with the philosophy David - show us outcomes from the DNA Team:










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