About DNA:

Though we’ve occasionally failed at following our philosophy over the last 33 years (we are the “creative” type, and therefore emotionally connected to the work we produce), we try to operate with the philosophy that it’s actually not About DNA at all. We firmly believe it’s about you, and about connecting you to your customers. We certainly are confident in our information gathering skills, strategic thinking abilities and creative talents. We’re also very focused on details and delivering projects within agreed upon time frames. But just as important, we absolutely believe that you, too, are extremely invested in the marketing process; very knowledgeable of your products, services and markets; desiring an enjoyable journey; and committed to successful outcomes.

So, with this in mind, rather than using this space to tell you too much About Us ourselves, please instead let some of our trusted clients share what they think about us. We’re proud to call these clients friends, many of whom we’ve known and served for close to 22 years.

What our clients say about us:

I have had the pleasure of working with David Nanos since 1993, including in my current position at Barnes-Jewish Hospital..

We started our affiliation with bioMérieux, and when I moved on to Sigma Diagnostics I brought David over to work with us because of the great success we had at bioMérieux. When I returned to bioMérieux, so did David.

We worked on ad campaigns, direct mail programs, corporate branding, graphics, web site design, product naming, etc. You name it and David and I worked on it. We developed strategies and tactics, implemented them, and measured them for desired outcomes. The quality of work I got from David was top flight and at a fair price. I would highly recommend DNA for any project. Nothing is two small or large for them. He is a great guy with high ethics and morals, a true joy to work with, and very professional.

Robert F. Bokerman
Marketing Manager
Barnes-Jewish Hospital
St. Louis, Missouri

We have utilized David Nanos and his team for advertising and marketing expertise since 1988. Their novel approach to standard products is fantastic. Our ads always generate great readership and significant inquiries from interested customers. They also designed our web site 10 years ago, and redesigned it in 2007, suggesting relevant technology to help us get the best return for our investment.

Whether you need a print ad, sales flyer, complete product or company brochure, or a web site, DNA Marketing Services is the company to use – over the last 20 years many companies have tried to get us to switch, but it just doesn’t make financial, or material, sense. It’s also nice to know we have a trusted business partner, and friend, that truly cares about our business.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about DNA’s ability to provide you with the best marketing solutions for your applications.

Mr. Meredith C. Stines
American Ultraviolet, Aetek and Lesco UV Systems – www.americanultraviolet.com

David managed advertising and promotion projects for me, and the Marketing Communications Department, over a five-year time span when I was at bioMérieux, a large medical diagnostics equipment company. These projects included ads; brochures; fliers; newsletters; price list booklets; posters; re-vamping, re-purposing, and maintaining an interactive web site; trade show and symposium materials; direct-mail projects; web site promotions; e-blasts; and more.

They did an excellent job every time. David has a vast knowledge of every little aspect of what it takes to successfully complete these types of projects. He was always thorough, conscientious, on-time, and on-budget. I could trust that the work they provided would be creative, appropriate, and accurate. In fact, everyone in our Marketing Department would probably say the same thing, as many times I would have David work independently with them.

Cost-estimating and invoicing skills, and attention-to-detail, made my job of navigating bioMérieux’s large purchasing and accounts payable departments go as smoothly as possible.

Lastly, after enjoying the praises from my colleagues about the projects they delivered, I would go away thinking about David’s character, and his integrity. He always had his clients’ best interests in mind and he was always truthful, kind, and good.

Becky Schneider


DNA is able to execute our company's vision of product packaging into great looking consumer packaging that sells product for our company and our retail partners.

Jean Beaudry
Pacific International
Laguna Hills, California

We are proud to be associated with you and your team at DNA. Over the past year you have listened to what we required and then acted upon it, to make changes that enhanced our web site to the next level.

We continue to receive praise on how the changes have made Kommeling USA look professional and modern. This has also helped to brand the Kommerling name in the
graphics market. In my eyes a price cannot be put on the value you brought us.

I am confident that our relationship will continue to blossom.

Thanks for your great understanding of our business and providing us with stellar service since 2001. We consider you part of the Kommerling USA team.

Jerry White, Jr.
National Sales & Marketing Manager
Kommerling USA
Huntsville, Alabama

From the first time I met David at the inaugural Store Fixturing Show in 1993, I knew he was a man I could recommend to my customers in need of expert marketing services.

David and I go back 25+ years, and in that time, we’ve built a strong business, and personal, relationship. I started working with David on an account I inherited when I relocated to the West. I admired the marketing and advertising work he did for his accounts, and most impressed with the time he took to learn, understand
and get involved with his clients' businesses. To this day, whenever an account of mine is looking for marketing and branding solutions, DNA is the first company I recommend.

Larry Shore
DDI Magazine
Seal Beach, California

I have known David Nanos since about 2003. When I first stared with Kommerling USA I did not have any experience in advertising, web hosting, web design, or document design. David was really patient with me and went beyond the call of duty to help me understand printing costs, how to attract customers to our website, and a variety of other marketing related issues.

David stays very involved with each project and is in constant contact with his customers. He is always just a phone call away. David is very good at quick response times.

David is also very personable and fun to work with and I would recommend DNA to businesses looking for someone to be the driving force behind their marketing department.

Teresa W. Heckaman
Marketing Assistance / Sales Coordinator
KOMA Trim Products
Huntsville, Alabama

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