The DNA Difference:

We’re surprised, and pleased, every time a client shares how much they appreciate DNA’s commitment to their business and how they consider us a sales force for their company, rather than a vendor trying to sell them something. As a service company, we exist because you invite us to serve you. Yes we’re proud of our skills. And yes we bring talented capabilities to the relationship. But we’re told time and time again that what makes us different from other agencies is our desire, and ability, to develop, nurture and build relationships with our customers; and between our customers and their customers. Our customers know we have their interests in mind and they trust that when they turn a project over to us they don't have to worry about professionalism, attention to details or meeting deadlines. They’ve often expressed that they know we'll work smart to ensure that their projects are successful, completed on time, and always handled with respect and with great attention to value.

Though it is surprising to learn this makes us different, as all service business should operate this way, we‘re certainly pleased to hear that it does. Please read a few client comments to see what they say makes us different.


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In 2009 Miramar Designs LTD faced what a lot of companies face at some point in their existence. We had been in business for many years and needed to create a fresh look and re-brand ourselves. We had an outdated website, printed marketing materials that had not been updated in several years, a logo that was approaching 10 years of age, and a sales force that was asking for updated materials to show existing and prospective clients. I had met David Nanos (DNA Marketing) in 2008 and was impressed with his ideas but at the time, marketing was not part of my responsibility. When that changed in early 2009, I knew DNA was the perfect fit for Miramar and I immediately contacted David to get the ball rolling.

DNA’s challenge was to create for Miramar the things mentioned above, but more importantly, give us a consistent look that would be compelling to our customers – major retailers and brand marketers. We are a company that specializes in creativity in a design intensive industry and wanted to convey that to the rest of the world.

DNA met every challenge and provided a new look for Miramar that we are very proud of. Items included in our new marketing arsenal include a completely new website, new logo, printed case studies of projects we have completed, a new company brochure, a template for sales presentations, an ad layout, and a unique tool kit that we co-developed to hold these printed materials as a leave behind item. We have received very favorable comments from several of our largest customers and new prospects that have received our sales kit and/or visited our new website.

David and the DNA team have been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to a long-term relationship between our two companies as we continue to look to them for creativity that will prominently position Miramar in the POP/Store Fixture marketplace.


Clay Bibb
Chief Operations Officer
Miramar Designs
Fort Worth, Texas

What our clients say about us:

When you have the opportunity to work with someone who continually exceeds your expectations, you are fortunate to have that alliance. David’s attention to detail, creativity, professionalism, responsiveness and incredible understanding of branding is invaluable. The value David and his team at DNA has brought to our organization is considerable, recognized and appreciated.

Kim Ramsey
AisleOne Merchandising
Brea, California

When I began working with David in the late 1980’s it was immediately obvious that his approach to business consulting was different than most. He asked lots of questions about business goals and strategies and why we’d chosen the ones we had. He was obsessed in understanding our customers—knowing not only what they purchased, but why.

As I began working with David, I quickly realized what made his approach different. He didn’t have a cookie-cutter program that he had developed and tried to get his clients to buy. He had become a trusted part of our marketing team—using his skills and abilities to help us successfully accomplish our goals and our agenda.

Over the years, David and I have worked on dozens of projects. Each project begins the same way—exploring goals and understanding the audience. But in the development and implementation, unique tactics drive the final outcome.

When your business needs require a fresh and customized approach, I confidently recommend David, and DNA. I know you’ll appreciate him and his approach in helping you attain your business goals.

Curtis Arnold
NAIC 1989-1998-Publications & Marketing Manager
Arbor Masters 2005-2008 Marketing Manager
Kansas City, Missouri

Working with DNA is like having an 'in-house' marketing and advertising department; DNA knows how to market our company, and is a proactive leader in developing our campaigns and strategies -- we've been on the same team since 1992. DNA is not out to 'sell' something to us, but instead we develop projects together.

Matt Johnson
Chief Operating Officer
Sam Pievac Company
Santa Fe Springs, California

More design and ad agencies have popped up in recent years, but I have discovered that oftentimes they have very little experience. They haven't yet learned the meaning and value of good customer service and how important communication is between customer and vendor. I've seen many "stayers" and "players" throughout the years and have found few who have incorporated these good business values.

DNA Marketing Services responds to our company's needs. They are responsive—cognitive of deadlines and goals, yet never shirking on thoughtfulness of design or lacking in sense of humor. They have the work ethic and experience one expects of real professionals. They walk the "walk" and talk the "talk". They have become friends that we happen to work with and they never let us down. Ever.

Nancy Simonds
Sales Promotion Coordinator
Labconco Corporation
Kansas City, MO